The Pub

Over the years the Crags Has established itself as one of the cornerstones of Callander life, and whilst many pubs have had to close their doors, the Crags soldiers on as one of the most popular in town.

The secret to our Public Bars success is it’s size, which is no bigger the average living room and it is here where you will meet some of the local characters in the town. They are excellent at making our guests feel welcome and they will be delighted to quiz you on all matters. You will also meet Snowy, Louise, Debbie, Helene & Elaine and the rest of the team, who will work tirelessly to keep your glass topped up.

On lively week end nights the pub has a great atmosphere with banter and music aplenty. In fact the only thing to look out for is to watch that your toes don’t get trodden on as ‘Big Davey’ strikes up a highland fling!


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